Thursday, December 30, 2010

Update: The Marshall McLuhan-Quentin Fiore reading

A strange thing happened this time with the sampling taken from the small Marshall McLuhan-Quentin Fiore book "The Medium is the Massage." Typically, the publisher's costs for rights to republish this selection via University Readers is quite small, but this time, for reasons that are not clear to me, the publisher decided to raise that bill to more than $13 per student. I found that to be quite disagreeable, particularly since each of you could buy a brand new copy of the book at the link above for less than $8. So I had that McLuhan-Fiore selection removed from your University Readers collection at the last minute, and we will adjust accordingly.

Here is a PDF of the reading
(password protected and for educational purposes only)

And, as a bonus feature, here is an imported album, in mp3 format of McLuhan's wild audio mixing of his ideas (password protected and for educational purposes only; compressed in ZIP format).

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