Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Review of goals

Here are your responses to these questions at the start of the term:

Besides a good grade, what do you really hope to gain from this class?

A great experience / A greater understanding of language within technology and its overall application. some insight as to how communication has and is evolving. / I learned a lot of things I didn't know I was going to learn from your previously taken courses. So I guess those are the things I am looking forward to most. / I hope to gain a greater understanding of language and its role within society, and how it is incorporated into technology and culture. / I just hope to use what I know and expand. / I like being a Swiss Army knife, the ability to do anything. / A new outlook on language and technology."

Complete this sentence: "At the end of the semester, I will think this class was worth my time and effort and tuition if ..."

"I have learned a lot and enjoyed it I am more informed, and have more applicable skills. / I understand what communication skills are needed in real world jobs today and in the near future. / I learn at least 4 or 5 new things. / I feel like I have a greater understanding of the topic presented, and also have applicable skills and knowledge that I did not have before. / I have gained skills I can utilize to construct a portfolio. / I have a project that I can put into my portfolio. / i learn what is efficient in language with text. / I am able to adequately use technology I never knew I could, and if I had a fun."

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