Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Futuristic technologies destined to change our communication

Our classroom survey of communication technologies to watch in the near future:

A digital palette, from Laura Velarde:

Virtuo, Future Digital Art Device! I think this technology will open up another media for art and artists alike.

3D screens:

From Jennifer Wheeler:

Realistic visualization revolutionizes how we see the world. 3D without glasses by 2012.

And <b>from Mary Lui:</b>

Think holograms are just found in Star Trek?Not anymore. Sony's 3D 360 degree hologram may one day bring them into our living room! #wsuvltt

Sony 3D 360 degree holograms:

From Heather Martin:

I think this is really interesting since Lady Gaga is a bit of a controversial figure when it comes to the intersection of fashion, art and technology. She is hyper aware of media and producing a product for her consumers. These glasses are a new level of what technology can be. It seems like something the retro-futurism also promised coming to life (I still want my hoverboard). People may scoff at the idea but it is a really cool concept. Plus, she is reinterpreting the classic Americana of Polaroid into something cutting edge. It reminds of images I've seen of Tokyo with digital displays creating ever-changing environments. Which is also essentially what her concerts (and other artists like Muse) do, creating stories with visuals.!5727236/how-lady-gaga-just-reinvented-eye-contact

Look past the thin surface of this video promo piece for mixed reality, and what do you see?

Or this version:

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

And this sort of research is being done at the University of Washington, by Babak Parviz, with computer-enhanced contact lenses:

An invisibility cloak, from Sandi Oja:

This is an invisible cloak constructed of man made materials.
How does communication change if the person talking is "invisible"?
How does it change if you are talking to or about a person that is "invisible"?

<b>From Anaya Martella:</b>

I’m not sure if this constitutes as something people will eventually like to “watch”
but I have heard graphic novels are starting to go digital. I’d expect if there were no
words it could be understood in different cultures who speak different languages. They
sort of remind me of the project we did on comics in class that had no text. Graphic
novels can have text or not.

From Todd Hartsfield:

It’s cool to think that forty years ago the first ATMs were used. Today banks rely heavily on these machines to manage their large customer transaction needs. Today they are branching out the capabilities by even depositing checks by taking a picture of it with a smartphone! Will these machines have all these fancy gadgets to them or will cell phones dominate the need for ATMs. This brings another question to mind, will printed money go away?

From Sarah Robison-Mathes

It'll be interesting to see what new technologies develop for using renewable resources like wind and sun.

From Jacob Burton:

One of the most important pieces of new technology has been the invention of a wireless USB Drive.  Many of us use USBs, but this is a great product because of the fact that it is nearly universal, and will allow for more information to be shared.  This invention, which for now doesn't allow networking, could allow it in the near future.

From Alan Olson:

For future technologies I found an article about Datoos, it is a future technology in which tattoos will be used as mobile communication devices that run directly from your body. The Datoos will be removable and customizable and will run off of body heat and possibly blood sugar. The tattoos will be connected directly to your nervous system and will be instantly accesible with your thoughts. I am sure this technology is a long way off in the future but it reminded me of the MOvie predator and how the alien had equipment connected directly to his body.

Here is the link

From: Dom Ramunno-Johnson robotic retina restores vision to the blind! robotic retina restores vision to the blind!

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